Every year from September 15 to October 15, the United States observes National Hispanic Heritage Month, a time marked to celebrate the many contributions made by Hispanic Americans who have shaped and strengthened this nation.

This National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrate with your students and get them reflecting deeply on the cultural contributions of Latinx artists and musicians through history.

These two activities from ABC-CLIO’s The American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience database can support student research and classroom instruction:

  • The Chicano Mural Movement
    In this activity, students will learn about the characteristics of Chicano murals and analyze three murals to identify those characteristics. Next, they’ll create their own artwork, using some of the elements common to murals of the Chicano movement.
  • Latinos in Rock and Roll
    In this activity, students will learn about the influence of Latino musicians on rock and roll music. Then they’ll design a poster summarizing how these musicians' Latino heritage added to and changed the broad range of styles that encompass rock and roll.

ABC-CLIO and EBSCO celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month while recognizing the critical importance of integrating Latinx history and culture into the curriculum all year long.

To learn more about equitable history education, download a free poster from ABC-CLIO. To integrate diverse perspectives into every unit, every day, consider adding ABC-CLIO’s The Latino American Experience to your library collection.

Recognized by Tech & Learning as a 2021 “Best Tool for Back to School” for helping schools develop and implement culturally relevant curriculum, ABC-CLIO’s The Latino American Experience powers student research into the heritage and cultures of the diverse Latino peoples of the United States. Featuring thousands of articles by Latino scholars and a rich collection of multimedia primary sources, the database explores topics ranging from civil rights to pop culture, and from the arts to the issues shaping the modern Latino American experience — including immigration reform, media portrayals, and voting access and influence.

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