Can libraries acquire Featured Collections or Subject Sets as complete collections, or is it possible to browse title by title?

Libraries can either acquire complete collections or browse/acquire title by title in EBSCOhost® Collection Manager (ECM) or on GOBI.

What is GOBI?

GOBI Library Solutions is the leading provider of e-books, print books and workflow services to academic libraries worldwide. In addition to print books, GOBI offers e-books on more than 25 e-book publisher and aggregator platforms all in one place, providing the widest range of e-book acquisition models, access option and platforms in one place. Visit the GOBI website to learn more.

Is there full text available for the e-books included in the EBSCO Open Access E-Book Collection from EBSCO?

All the e-books in the open access collection are full and complete e-books. Users may read the entire e-book online in EBSCO’s online eBook viewer or download the e-book by chapter or in full.

Are Open Access (OA) titles visible in EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) and GOBI?

If your institution subscribes to the EBSCO eBooks Open Access Collection, those e-book titles can be viewed in your collection in ECM and in GOBI.

How many titles are in the Open Access e-book collection now?

The EBSCO eBooks Open Access Collection is an ever-growing collection with e-books being added on a regular basis. There are currently 4,298 titles in the collection.

Are OA books discoverable via EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS)?

They are discoverable via EDS.

Can the OA e-book collection be accessed with a custom link in EDS?

You can choose to load MARC records for the e-books in the EBSCO eBooks Open Access collection to your catalog and use custom links to surface those records in EDS. However, since these are hosted as EBSCO eBooks, that workflow is not required –– they will return automatically in search results for any profile that includes this collection.

To access the OA e-books, do users have to authenticate to the EBSCOhost platform?

Users need to affiliate to their institution to gain access to the Open Access eBooks. But they do not need to personalize for any subsequent behavior (full book download most notably) and the content is delivered to the user DRM-free. We saw a need in the market to make OA e-books available alongside other e-book offerings and that is why it is designed in this manner. We are still evaluating options and will continue to research additional courses of action for the best outcome for all library needs.

Does the Diversity and Ethnic Studies Collection include both diverse authors and publishers?

We are very intentional with how we build these collections, and we strive to provide diversity in both authors and publishers because we know that is important to libraries and patrons. These collections are designed to make diverse content available and to include authors and publishers who represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. The librarians on the EBSCO Collection Development team research titles for these collections the same way that a collection development librarian would research them. In addition to our Diversity and Ethnic Studies Subscription Collection, we also offer featured collections for a variety of ages and markets, such as the Diverse Voices Featured Collection, which is specifically geared towards diversity in authors as well as Diverse Books for Youth and Diversity in the Workplace. Visit EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) to see the titles included in each collection.

Are there any collections relating to the arts?

Absolutely. We have some great art collections available. My background lies in the fine arts, and I’ve worked on curating the Fine Arts Collection. I personally have a lot of fun working on the collections about the arts. We also have the Art School collections, that are geared towards undergraduate level art students and include a variety of topics, including photography, digital media, and graphic and web design collections. Log in or request an ECM account to view the titles available in our featured collections and subject sets.

What is the best way to ask about a custom collection?

Start by talking to your EBSCO representative and they can assess your needs and coordinate with the collection development team.

Did you miss the program?

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