Libraries have long served as bastions of knowledge, providing communities with access to an extensive array of resources.Yet, in an era marked by technological advancement and shifting user expectations, the traditional methods of book procurement in libraries are in need of an upgrade. Recognizing this challenge, the GOBI Library Solutions team embarked on a mission to reimagine the process, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline and enhance the way libraries acquire books with the creation of our new book acquisition solution Mosaic.

As we move closer to the beta launch of this innovative solution, we understand the importance of clarity and transparency. Below, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide libraries with a deeper understanding of Mosaic's development process, launch timing, and present and forthcoming features and functionalities.

What is the purpose of this new book ordering platform?

Our platform aims to streamline the book acquisition process for academic libraries. It will facilitate efficient cataloging, ordering, and tracking of books, ensuring that libraries can easily access and manage the resources they need to support their communities while also supporting key library workflows.

How were librarians involved in the development of Mosaic?

The foundation of Mosaic was conceived through three iterative, user-informed design phases. We worked with our library and consortium Innovation Partners to better understand their needs and pain points. Our Partners have provided their ongoing input via regular meetings with our user research team and are currently acting as beta partners supporting the development of Mosaic. Learn more about our Partners.

When will Mosaic be available to libraries?

The beta launch of Mosaic will only be available to select libraries in the spring of 2024. If your library is interested in being an early adopter of the platform, we advise you to work with your GOBI or EBSCO representative to better understand how the beta release of Mosaic would meet your library's unique needs.

What features will the beta launch of the platform offer?

The beta launch of the Mosaic platform will offer a range of features tailored to meet the specific needs of libraries, including:

  • Individual title e-book ordering
  • Intuitive workflow with rapid fulfillment
  • Modern user interface
  • Accurate and up-to-date title metadata
  • Customer-specific pricing and title availability

What is the range and diversity of books available on the platform?

Users can access e-book metadata and offerings from our beta supplier partners including EBSCO, Taylor and Francis, IGI Global, and JSTOR with content across these providers visible in a single work level view within the new storefront.

How frequently will new publishers be added to the platform?

Additional e-book suppliers will be added incrementally to Mosaic, based on popularity and readiness to integrate.

Will Mosaic replace GOBI and EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM)?

As the Mosaic platform matures and reaches its full potential, our intention is to gradually phase out GOBI and ECM in favor of the newer, more modern solution. This process will take time and the transition will be conducted with careful consideration, ensuring minimal disruption to operations while maximizing the benefits of the upgraded platform.

Will GOBI and Mosaic run independently of each other?

As we develop Mosaic, there will be a period where libraries will need to use both platforms independently. This is because the new platform is still under development, and we want to ensure a smooth transition.

Can libraries track the status of their orders in Mosaic?

Yes, our platform provides real-time order tracking, allowing libraries to monitor the status of their orders from placement to delivery. Libraries can also receive notifications and alerts regarding order updates and shipment details.

Is technical support available for libraries using the platform?

Absolutely, we offer comprehensive technical support to assist libraries in implementing and utilizing our platform effectively. Our dedicated customer service team is available to address any questions, concerns, or technical issues that may arise. As early adopters are onboarded, they will be provided with a support liaison.

What are the next steps for libraries selected as early adopters?

Libraries selected as early adopters will have the chance to attend an early adopter kickoff webinar to learn more about Mosaic, meet other early adopters and view a live demonstration before they are asked to use the new platform. We will provide ongoing assistance and training throughout the process to ensure a positive experience and smooth transition.

What enhancements or new features are planned for future versions of the platform?

Following the initial release of Mosaic, we will start development on the following enhancements:

  • Expanded order and invoice history to include holdings and de-duplication services
  • ILS integration for ordering and invoicing and access to library data
  • Expanded roles to include different levels of permissions and authority, supporting selector workflows
  • Enhanced search functionality, faceting/filtering, e-book access metadata, and additional e-book platforms. 
  • Print book catalog integration and fulfillment with related services

How will feedback from the beta launch inform the development roadmap moving forward?

Launching the beta version of Mosaic isn't the end of the development cycle but rather a stepping stone towards refinement. As we've mentioned above, this is an iterative process, and we will work with our early adopters to gather insights and feedback that will shape the future trajectory of the platform. We will continuously release updates and improvements based on the insights gained from the beta phase, fostering a cycle of improvement.

How can libraries stay informed about the development of Mosaic?

Follow the EBSCO blog to learn about Mosaic developments as well as current news, library resources, product releases, events, librarianship, workflow, technology and more. Libraries can also sign up for the GOBI 60 Second Update monthly newsletter that provides a quick overview of the latest news, events, product updates, and trends relevant to GOBI and libraries in general.

We hope this FAQ provides clarity and answers questions about Mosaic, our new book ordering platform for libraries. Should you have any further inquiries or need more information, please contact your GOBI or EBSCO representative. You can also request more information here.

Stay tuned as we unravel the intricacies of innovation and collaboration behind the scenes of Mosaic, charting a course towards a brighter future for libraries and their communities.

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