The EBSCO collection development team has been hard at work crafting new e-book and audiobook collections to suit the evolving needs of researchers, students, faculty and library patrons.

For academic and public libraries searching for information on the topics of digital and information literacy, the new Digital Literacy collection is a must-add. This consumer-focused collection contains e-books to help readers understand and use information available on the internet to identify fake news, network with others and make the most out of online research.

The team also crafted and released the new collection, Audiobook Storytime, which includes classic and modern audiobooks for children. (Fun fact — this collection was created based on feedback from school libraries. Do you have an idea for a collection? Reach out to our team.)

For medical libraries and healthcare organizations looking for fresh, reliable content, the new collection from Doody’s Medical Review Service on the topic of Health Equity may be a valuable addition to your digital collection. This timely compilation contains EBSCO eBooks that promote fair access to health resources, including access to information, affordable testing, and medical and mental healthcare.

New and Recently Updated EBSCO eBooks Featured Collections:

  • Audiobook Popular Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Audiobook Popular Nonfiction
  • New! Audiobook Storytime
  • Audiobook Young Adult Fiction
  • AudioFile Presents: Current Events
  • AudioFile Presents: Diverse Books
  • AudioFile Presents: LGBT+ Books
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Collection
  • Canadiana Collection
  • Classics as Graphic Novels
  • New! Digital Literacy
  • New! Doody’s Quarterly Collection: Health Equity
  • DRM-Free - 32 DRM-Free Cumulative Collections
  • DRM-Free - Award Winners
  • DRM-Free - Commerce and Finance
  • DRM-Free - Educational Theory and Practice
  • DRM-Free - Internal Medicine
  • DRM-Free - Social and Public Welfare
  • Engineering Management
  • Forensics: Science Collection
  • Health Informatics
  • In Demand Titles
  • Intro to....
  • Medicine (More than 20 updated collections available!)
  • New! Medicine: Nutrition
  • National Book Award Finalists
  • New Releases
  • Optometry & Ophthalmology
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Popular Adult Fiction
  • Project Management
  • Science - Chemistry
  • Science - Zoology
  • Social Justice
  • Top 500 Corporations Most Accessed Titles
  • Top Trade Academic Titles
  • UK Secondary School Collection

This list represents e-book collections released through November 1, 2020. You can view the titles included in each collection by browsing them in EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) or requesting a title list from an EBSCO representative. Please note that not all titles in each collection are available for sale worldwide or in all markets. See available titles in ECM.

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