The pandemic has brought many challenges and triumphs to the way students conduct research. Remote learning has forced students to engage in more self-exploratory learning, but reduced contact with professors has also been a challenge for students who may need more guidance and support.

Technological challenges were present for virtually everyone affected by the pandemic as the workplace, educational space and healthcare space shifted to the home space. Although this shift has presented its share of challenges, it has also given children and adults an opportunity to see classmates, professors and colleagues in a way we never have before. As pets and running children make appearances in online interactions, we find ourselves interacting on another level.

The pandemic has also increased the need for particular collections of e-books for all types of organizations, including K-12 schools, military libraries, corporations and healthcare systems. Social justice issues have forced us to take a hard look at ourselves and our culture and initiate changes in our own understanding and behavior to make this world more inclusive and diverse. New career paths for students are becoming more popular with the increase of online activities, with subjects like video game design becoming a highly requested collection from academic libraries.

The EBSCO team of librarians consistently offer new and updated e-book and audiobook collections on the subjects that readers need and want right now. Each highly curated collection contains quality digital resources from top publishers. See the list below for all new and updated collections for April and May 2021.

  • New! Asian-American Studies Collection
  • Audiobook Popular Juvenile Fiction & Nonfiction
  • Audiobook Young Adult Fiction
  • AudioFile Presents: Current Events
  • AudioFile Presents: Diverse Books
  • AudioFile Presents: LGBT+ Books
  • Basic Programming 
  • Complementary Medicine
  • New! Decolonization
  • Digital Media
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Doody's 4 & 5 Star 2021
  • Doody's Core Titles 2021 All Years
  • Doody's Core Titles 2021 Frontlist
  • New! Doody’s Special Topics Lists - Health Professionals and Stress
  • DRM-Free - 32 DRM-Free Cumulative Collections
  • DRM-Free - Award Winners
  • DRM-Free - Award Winners
  • DRM-Free - Commerce and Finance
  • DRM-Free - Commerce and Finance
  • DRM-Free - Diversity and Inclusion
  • DRM-Free - Educational Theory and Practice
  • DRM-Free - Educational Theory and Practice
  • DRM-Free - Internal Medicine
  • DRM-Free - Internal Medicine
  • DRM-Free - Social and Public Welfare
  • DRM-Free - Social and Public Welfare
  • Fine Art                                               
  • Health Professionals and Stress
  • In Demand Titles
  • Intro-To…
  • Islamic Studies
  • Justice & Peace
  • New! Middle Grade Nonfiction
  • New Releases
  • Online Teaching and Learning
  • Popular Adult Fiction                       
  • Popular Adult Nonfiction
  • Public Health Collection
  • Reference eBooks
  • New! Research Methods
  • Science - Genetics
  • Science - Physics
  • Theology & Religion: Apologetics 2021
  • Theology & Religion: Christology 2021
  • Theology & Religion: Comparative Religions 2021
  • Theology & Religion: Ecclesiology 2021
  • Theology & Religion: Eschatology 2021
  • Theology & Religion: Ethics 2021
  • Theology & Religion: History of Doctrines 2021
  • Theology & Religion: Soteriology 2021
  • Theology & Religion: Systematic Theology 2021
  • Theology & Religion: Theology 2021
  • New! Video Game Design
  • Women's Health
  • Workplace Culture

This list represents e-book collections released through May 1, 2021. You can view the titles included in each collection by browsing them in EBSCOhost® Collection Manager (ECM) or requesting a title list from an EBSCO representative. Please note that not all titles in each collection are available for sale worldwide or in all markets. See available titles in ECM.

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