In the first two videos of the Making All the Pieces Fit: Solving the Linked Data Puzzle video series, we explain what Linked Data and BIBFRAME are and their importance to libraries.

What is Linked Data?

In this first video, you learn all about Linked Data, a method of publishing and linking different pieces of information on the Internet and how it can benefit libraries. Senior Product Manager Gloria Gonzalez explains what Linked Data is and why it is important for enhancing discovery by enriching library data.


In the second video in the series, Greg Padilla, Director of SaaS Innovation, talks about BIBFRAME – a Linked Data model and vocabulary for bibliographic data. In addition to introducing BIBFRAME, we also look at the characteristics that define the more traditional MARC format and make a side by side comparison between the two. Discover how the digital focus of BIBFRAME enables libraries to better manage, share, and connect their resources.

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