The EBSCO eBooks team has been hard at work on new and updated products, collections, and tools that will provide libraries and library patrons with the best possible e-book user experience. Watch the replays from our ongoing series of free webinars hosted by our experienced trainers, librarians, and product managers. From our new e-book experience in the mobile app to our new open access e-book collection, there is a lot to learn about EBSCO eBooks and our steadfast commitment to libraries.

View the recording to one or more of the following completed sessions:

EBSCO eBooks in the EBSCO Mobile App Demo and Info Session

Recorded Wednesday, October 6, 2021
This session with Sales Manager Steph Moriarty provides a brief demonstration of e-book functionality in the app, an outline of the benefits it offers users and libraries as well as an update on future enhancements. 

EBSCO eBooks Collection Update

Recorded Wednesday, October 20, 2021
EBSCO Collection Development Specialist Ivy Weir discusses new and popular collections for libraries including the new EBSCO Open Access E-Book Collection and new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offerings, as well as a brief discussion of the types of collections available through EBSCO.

EBSCO eBooks Accessibility Update - Part One

Recorded Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Join EBSCO Product Manager Emma Waecker and Front End Developer and UI Designer Jonathan McGlone from the University of Michigan Press to learn more about the importance of e-book accessibility and how their organizations are working toward creating the most user-friendly e-book experience possible for libraries and researchers. We are working on a second program on this topic. Sign up for our ECM Advisor newsletter to receive updates.

EBSCO eBook Manager Demo and Info Session Part 1 - The "My Collection" Search

Recorded Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Join Product Manager Bethany Pelletier for a demonstration and explanation of the new EBSCO eBook Manager administration suite to discover how it will improve management options for EBSCO eBooks.

EBSCO eBook Manager Demo and Info Session Part 2: Download Controls

Recorded on February 23, 2022
Join Vice President of Sales Scott Wasinger for a demonstration and explanation of the download control functionality in the new EBSCO eBook Manager to discover how it will improve management options for EBSCO eBooks. This is the second program dedicated to the new EBSCO eBook Manager. View the recording from the first program below.

Building Juvenile and Young Adult E-Book Collections for Academic Libraries

Recorded on March 9, 2022
EBSCO partnered with three top trade publishers to provide academic libraries with a robust selection of new and popular juvenile and young adult (YA) e-book selections. Each publisher provided popular selections of e-books across a variety of topics with a particular focus on diverse, inclusive, and equitable (DEI) content.