Whether you’re a librarian looking to promote your programs and services, an educator putting together a lesson plan, or a student preparing a presentation for class, the web has a wealth of cool multimedia tools to help you deliver a fun, engaging and polished final product.

Here are a few cloud-based tools to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Canva

This simple graphic design software lets you create blog graphics, flyers, posters, infographics and so much more. With a variety of ready-made templates to get you started, Canva is super easy to use. Once you select your template, simply type keywords into a search box and choose from hundreds of images to include in your design. You can also add backgrounds, shapes, icons, photos, illustrations and text. Although a monthly fee will give you unlimited access to all design elements, the free version contains more than enough bells and whistles to support your needs.

2. Biteable

Touted as “The World’s Simplest Video Maker,” Biteable is a free multimedia tool that allows you to create an unlimited number of videos that you can publish to YouTube and share. (The premium version lets you download your videos to your computer and removes the Biteable watermark). You can select from animations and stock photography, change colors and edit text. The site also offers a small selection of music tracks to choose from, and it’s easy to add, delete and reorder scenes. Create a great video in less than an hour.

3. Pixlr

This free web-based photo editor lets you create your own images from scratch (Pixlr Editor) or upload existing images to enhance with filters, overlays and stickers (Pixlr Express). Photoshop users accustomed to working with layers and effects will become quickly comfortable with Pixlr Editor. Desktop and mobile app versions (iOS and Android) of Editor and Express are available for download, but the web apps are just as robust. What’s more, the images you create can be saved to your computer for later integration with Canva or Biteable.

Which multimedia tools do you find most useful?