Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in healthcare.

I’ve worked in healthcare for 33+ years. My first position was working as an emergency room registrar during the night shift at a local hospital. I worked for six years in long-term care, first as a nursing assistant, then LPN, then RN. I took a position as an orthopedic staff/charge nurse in a Level I trauma hospital in St. Paul, MN, where I worked for 15 years. I have master’s degrees in writing and in nursing, and am board-certified in nursing professional development.

What did you do prior to joining Dynamic Health’s clinical editor team? 

My last position before coming to EBSCO was as a Clinical Nurse Educator in a community hospital. I loved teaching staff, developing policies and serving as a resource for clinicians.

What inspired you to become a healthcare professional?

When I was 15, my parents took me to visit my dear uncle, who was dying of cancer. He was a Lutheran pastor and one of my favorite relatives. During our visit, he pulled me aside and told me to think about becoming a nurse, because “they make all the difference in the world.” I never forgot what he said, but only after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 28 and experienced first-hand what it was like to be a patient, did I follow his advice and became a nurse. I vowed to be the kind of nurse I would want to care for me or my loved ones. When someone is sick, having a caring and competent nurse really does make all the difference.

What drew you to work at EBSCO on our clinical decisions products?

I’ve been a freelance writer and peer reviewer for many years. I began freelancing for EBSCO about four or five years ago after the hospital I was working at became contracted with Dynamic Health. I knew I would love writing skills and procedures. When a full-time position came up, I applied and was hired. The work EBSCO does for healthcare clinicians is extremely valuable and I am so proud to be a part of this great organization.

What makes you passionate about working in healthcare?

I love caring for people and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Nursing has been such a good profession for me. Serving others and bringing comfort to the suffering is important work. Working at EBSCO is my way of continuing to serve others by providing resources clinicians can use at the bedside.

What is your advice for people who are thinking about joining the healthcare space?

The opportunities are endless. The need is great. The work can be exhausting, but at the end of the day, it feels wonderful to know that what you did mattered. Nursing is consistently ranked as one of the most trusted professions, and that is no small thing.

Can you talk a little bit about your work on Dynamic Health?

I am a Clinical/Medical editor, which means I write new skills and procedures, update existing skills, work on clinical decision support topics, write continuing professional development activities, and generally ensure the products we produce are current, relevant, well-written and evidence based. We have a tremendous team of writers. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. I am excited about the future of EBSCO. This is an exceptional organization, and the workplace culture simply can’t be beat!