October 28 is National Internal Medicine Day. The American College of Physicians (ACP) established the day in 2019 to recognize the indispensable contributions of the 300,000 internal medicine physicians and subspecialists around the world.

Internal medicine is the cornerstone of comprehensive health care. It’s a gateway to health care leadership and impact and a launchpad for many different career pathways. In addition to providing longitudinal patient care, conducting research, and leading teams in clinical environments, internal medicine physicians advance health care in both public and private sectors, serving and leading in a variety of settings including hospitals and health care systems, and in business, technology, and public policy. Their expertise is vital to the health care system.

Internal Medicine physicians are experts in complexity and see every connection in the adult human body.

Internal Medicine physicians are experts in complexity and see every connection in the adult human body. They are inquisitive, critical thinkers who bring compassion and adaptability to every situation, thrive in uncertainty, and excel in the most challenging, dynamic environments to deliver exceptional patient care. They are specially trained to solve diagnostic problems, manage severe illnesses, and help adult patients with multiple long-term chronic conditions. They optimize team-based patient care, lead teams of medical professionals, and hold leadership positions beyond clinical care. Other medical professionals often call upon internal medicine physicians for their ability to connect the dots, help solve problems, and identify solutions for optimal health outcomes.

Help celebrate the essential role of internal medicine today! If you’re an internal medicine physician, recognize a colleague, thank a mentor, and share your pride in the profession on social media. Be sure to use the hashtags #NationalInternalMedicineDay, #IMProud, and #IMPhysician to be part of the conversation. Visit ACP’s website for additional ways to celebrate.

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