Technology Innovation and Patient Safety

Clinicians and hospital leaders are embracing mobile technology at the point of care (POC) at an unprecedented rate. The utilization of health information technology (HIT) is essential for providing safe, high quality, cost-effective, patient-centric care. National healthcare organizations, such as the Agency Healthcare Research and Quality) and the Center for Disease Control both support the use of clinical decision support services (CDSS) to reduce patient harm and improve quality of care. These findings underscore the importance and need for clinical decision support (CDS) tools at the point of care to improve patient safety, enhance clinical outcomes and standardize care in the acute and non-acute settings.

Over the years, technology has evolved where CDS tools can now be supported on various web-based platforms. CDS solutions can seamlessly integrate into daily workflow using workstations on wheels, computer laptops, desktops, electronic health record (EHR) networks, and mobile devices. Charles Pozner, MD, FSSH, physician consultant at EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO), describes an inverse relationship between a POC tool’s usefulness to clinicians and its ease of use. According to Pozner, “POC tool’s value decreases as the work required to access the information increases.”

Therefore, to achieve the best outcome, it is important to provide easy access to CDS tools at the POC that offer the right information, to the right team, in the right amount of time. This also facilitates the best patient experience, and ultimately, what the Quadruple Aim.

EBSCO’s Award-winning CDS Solution

EBSCO provides online research content and search technologies to academic, school and public libraries; healthcare and medical institutions; corporations; and government agencies around the world. EBSCO’s CDS tools offer interprofessional content and skills and evidence-based resources that drive a culture of patient safety by providing healthcare professionals with real-time information to aid their practice and daily workflow. In 2022, Frost & Sullivan recognized EBSCO and its Clinical Decisions products with the North America Product Leadership Award for delivering innovative solutions at the POC.

As such, EBSCO’s innovative solutions help foster a culture of evidence-based practice and critical thinking at the point of care to support patient safety and better outcomes – anytime anywhere.

Dynamic Health Supports Evidence-Based Practice & Patient Safety

Dynamic Health represents the core suite of EBSCO’s Clinical Decisions products that help drive lifelong learning in various healthcare settings including universities, hospitals, long term care and outpatient facilities. Dynamic Health is designed for all healthcare team members including students, nurses, and health professionals (occupational therapists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, nutritional therapy, speech Therapy, and Social Workers). In addition, Dynamic Health also makes it easier than ever for nurses to earn continuing education (CE) credits with in-context and micro-learning to improve their knowledge and skills for safer patient care. Nurses can earn 0.1 of CE credits while they utilize Dynamic Health and query practice-related information to answer relevant clinical questions on their computer workstations or mobile phones.

As such, EBSCO’s innovative solutions help foster a culture of evidence-based practice and critical thinking at the point of care to support patient safety and better outcomes – anytime anywhere.

EBSCO is a global leader in designing novel clinical solutions to meet today’s healthcare demands that support our frontline care teams. EBSCO’s Dynamic Health solution equips healthcare professionals with real-time best practice evidence and clinical resources that ensure a culture of high-reliability and patient safety to drive the best patient outcomes in the US and abroad.

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