Delivering excellent behavioral health care is a clear priority for hospitals, medical schools and medical services organizations. Tim Heiges, EBSCO’s Vice President of SaaS Innovation, shows how APA Databases, accessed on the new EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) user interface, can make a positive impact on the medical community by making an extensive library of behavioral health resources easily discoverable.

Barriers to Efficient Access to Information

Practitioners need to access behavioral health resources quickly and efficiently to provide the best care. Researchers need confidence that they can perform searches that are both comprehensive and granular. A barrier to efficiency is the reality that resources are often siloed in different databases across different platforms.

During its fifth summit, held in Fall 2020, the MLA InSight Initiative focused on better understanding how users discover & access information in the clinical environment. The article, “Why are they not accessing it? User barriers to clinical information access,” identifies several pain points, including integration and resource platforms.

Superior resources integrated and searchable through a powerful, user-friendly interface make a meaningful difference.

Strength of the APA Databases

The six APA Databases — APA PsycInfo, APA PsycArticles, APA PsycBooks, APA PsycTests, APA PsycExtra and APA PsycTherapy — are well-known in the medical community as unique resources that are expertly curated and indexed. When searched through EBSCO Discovery Service, users can search across APA Databases as well as the institution’s other electronic content, link to the full-text articles and books the institution subscribes to, organize results into folders and easily share results with colleagues.

The New EBSCO Discovery Service User Interface

Connecting health professionals to information that helps them make important, life-changing decisions is essential. EBSCO Discovery Service Health enables users to create a powerful research experience that returns highly reliable, current, and critical medical research, guideline recommendations, and more.

The Biomedical Index

The Biomedical Index is a complimentary core index available to all EDS Health customers which includes indexing of articles, books, reports, conference materials, videos, blogs, and more. The databases provide hundreds of thousands of records for searching and linking out to cataloged and electronic subscriptions. From addiction medicine to population health, endocrinology to pharmacology, managed health care to institutional health, and pediatric nursing to geriatric nursing. EBSCO’s subject indexing and searchable full-text helps clinicians, medical librarians, and academic researchers quickly find critical content and link out to full-text subscriptions.

Resources from the APA on the EBSCO Discovery Service platform can help your organization reach its goals by putting peer-reviewed research, training videos and test instruments at the fingertips of clinicians, researchers and library staff.