Medicine is constantly evolving, and doctors need to stay current on new procedures, therapies and discoveries in the field. However, staying on top of constantly evolving clinical information is not a simple task. We spoke with Dr. Nasser Sarkis Simão, MD, PhD, FACC, FESC, Scientific Director of the Brasília Medical Association (AMBr) about the difficulties that doctors face today in staying current with clinical information that is constantly changing, and how DynaMed is helping AMBr's doctors provide efficient patient care.

The Brasília Medical Association (AMBr) advocates for medical specialties, professional achievements and reliable medical practice with political, scientific, associational, health promotion, and continuing education actions for students, residents and specialists. AMBr has more than 60 years of experience and more than 2,900 member doctors. It is an institution that welcomes, motivates and develops knowledge through scientific and academic evolution, in addition to providing various benefits to its members.

Dr. Nasser Sarkis Simão is a renowned cardiologist with more than 30 years of experience in medicine. As Scientific Director of the Brasília Medical Association, he is a leader in promoting the advancement of medicine in Brazil. Dr. Simao says, "We are witnessing an exponential growth in the volume of scientific information, articles, guidelines, guidelines, etc. Today, without digital tools, medical platforms, it would be practically impossible to regularly follow this volume of information."

According to Dr. Nasser, the choice of the tool was based on several reasons, including the tradition and credibility, volume, quality of content and the EBSCO editorial board.

“Medical societies have a very important role in promoting science, medical knowledge, bringing and providing all the structure to their members, stimulating and promoting the dissemination and updating of doctors throughout their professional lives, and this was the reason why the Brasília Medical Association, aware of the importance of continuous medical updating, decided to offer DynaMed to all its members."

Tradition and Credibility of EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO)

According to Dr. Nasser, the choice of the tool was based on several reasons, including tradition and credibility, volume, quality of content, and the EBSCO’s DynaMed editorial board. “EBSCO is one of the largest companies in this segment of data aimed at scientific activities and has more than one million e-books available in its collection and  more than 600 databases, etc., making it one of the most complete companies in this sector among those currently available in the market. It also has an editorial board including more than 150 members and more than 450 doctors in this activity of evaluating/producing content."

Practicality and Intuitiveness

In addition to the differentials related to EBSCO, Dr. Nasser and AMB made this decision based on DynaMed’s functionalities and practicality of use. “DynaMed is a medical information platform accessible via smartphones, tablets, or computers that offers several functionalities for the user, including ease of use, searches by subjects, specialties, and themes, "Follow" options for daily updates, links to search for individual articles, search history, and a complete drug database (Micromedex) with an analysis of interactions between them. Additionally, the platform offers clinical calculators for use in medical practice. All of this, together with an editorial and advisory board, makes DynaMed a highly efficient and reliable tool for health professionals,” says Dr. Nasser Sakins.

The use of DynaMed by the Brasilia Medical Association demonstrates the importance of adopting modern, efficient tools to promote constant clinical currency and improve the quality of services provided in the healthcare field. The availability of the platform on mobile devices and in various locations ensures that the information is updated at a constant, accessible pace.

By gathering a wide range of medical information based on scientific evidence, DynaMed enables healthcare professionals to make more assertive decisions more quickly and safely, contributing to quality, current medical care for the population. Finally, it is important to highlight the need for investments by medical institutions with clinical decision support  to help guarantee excellent patient care.