With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more prevalent, it is no surprise that it is being applied to medicine. When applied to clinical decision support, clinicians save time accessing the information they need, which is surfaced more quickly and efficiently than before.  As trust and adoption of AI for health care decision making increase, the value is becoming measurable.  

In a recent post on the Watson Health Perspectives blog, “Studies reveal how AI-infused clinical decision support may change medicine — for the better,” the team at IBM Watson Health explore how AI is helping one of their clients to supply their care providers with the clinical answers they need in less than a minute. In addition to quick answers, the breadth of information returned has also increased with AI-supported solutions.

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In March of 2020, IBM Watson Health and EBSCO Information Services partnered on a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing clinical decision support. The result, DynaMed® and Micromedex® with Watson™, seamlessly combines the clinical expertise and extensive, curated disease content of DynaMed with the depth and breadth of drug information and AI search capabilities of IBM Micromedex. The product provides users with evidence-based insights for optimal clinical decision making, leading to improved patient outcomes.