The Innovations and Evidence-Based Medicine Development Team at EBSCO is a group of people who are passionate about developing cutting-edge technology solutions that help patients, clinicians, policymakers, and supporting parties to improve patient care and provide the most useful support for healthcare decision making. Meet the Innovations Team Opportunity Manager Bonnie W. Johnson.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A.  I am an energetic, creative, outgoing businesswoman who enjoys seeing to all the details. Whether it’s running a busy household, a small business, or being an integral part of a team in a larger organization, I have always enjoyed solving problems, streamlining operations, and making progress toward the goal.  

Q. What is your role on the Innovations team?

A.  My title is Opportunity Manager, however, I consider myself the manager of all operations for the Innovations team. I help in some aspect with every project that our department is responsible for. Specifically, in my role working with DynaMed Founder Brian Alper I see to all the details to keep opportunities advancing while fostering relationship with partners and prospective customers.  I help create and then clear the path to catalyze the effectiveness of our team.

Q. What has surprised you most about the work you do on the Innovations team?

A.  What is most surprising is the vast ramifications that our work has and what a huge impact our products can have on people’s lives. Technological advances have changed the way physicians treat patients and as patients’ expectations of their care increases our innovations will become more valuable. The massive leaps and bounds we are making in expediting information will continue to have an even greater effect on healthcare as we know and grow to expect it. To be part of that is truly amazing.

Q. If you were doing one thing other than working on the Innovations team, what would it be and why? 

A.  I would be working with a team dedicated to making the world a better place by providing a unique product or service that is inspirational. I’ve had the pleasure of working in industries that interest me however, my work has not bound me to one sector. I’ve worked in publishing, consulting and now healthcare and in each role, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with dedicated people striving to make a difference.