Hear from Dynamic Health Editor-in-Chief Diane Hanson, RN, BSN, MM, FNAP, as she delves into childhood influences, building self-awareness, collaborative mentoring, and key leadership skills. Diane highlights EBSCO’s Clinical Decisions for healthcare leaders and their focus on polarity intelligence education as a guest on MissingLogic's "The TRU Leader" podcast. The conversation concludes with encouragement for emerging leaders, emphasizing the continuous journey of growth in leadership.

I recently had the honor of being a guest on MissingLogic's "The TRU Leader" podcast, where we delved into the dynamic world of leadership. The conversation revolved around the significance of cultivating self-awareness and the benefits of becoming a polarity intelligent leader. Drawing from my 35+ years of experience in healthcare leadership, I shared intentional strategies for developing individuals, teams, and fostering leadership. In this blog, I summarize key insights from the podcast, hoping you find them valuable.

Recognizing the Passion for Leadership: The podcast kicked off with a discussion about my passion for leadership. Reflecting on childhood experiences and early jobs, it became evident that leadership tendencies surfaced early on. Crafting and leading scenarios for neighborhood play and volunteering for new challenges at a local grocery store showcased an inclination toward setting a vision and taking on responsibilities. Over the years, leadership evolved into a challenging yet rewarding journey of leading people, projects, and programs in healthcare in a hospital as well as in industry positions with evidence-based practice, informatics and analytics. You may have similar experiences and early stories to draw upon as you reflect on your leadership journey. The main point is to recognize how your unique journey led you to today and learn to leverage your story to inform your leadership qualities and brand identity.

Building Self-Awareness: The conversation then shifted to the critical aspect of self-awareness in leadership. I emphasized that leaders need a desire to be self-aware, acknowledging the impact their actions can have on others. Self-inquiry, curiosity, and seeking honest feedback from others contribute to effective self-awareness. Leveraging tools like strength finders and personality assessments assist in understanding one's strengths, weaknesses, and leadership brand. Being brave and seeking feedback from others, even if it feels uncomfortable, is an essential step in the journey of self-awareness. Owning your brand, leveraging your strengths and personality, and creating intention around your passion and mission will become your superpower as a leader.

Owning your brand, leveraging your strengths and personality, and creating intention around your passion and mission will become your superpower as a leader. “

Mentorship and Collaboration: We explored the role of mentorship in leadership development, highlighting the importance of finding mentors who believe in you and invest in your growth. Additionally, the concept of collaborative mentoring, where leaders share experiences and help each other, was discussed. Unlikely mentors and mentor moments can show up when you need them, even in informal settings, can offer valuable insights and guidance. Becoming a leadership mentor is an impactful way to contribute to the success of future generations of leaders.

Essential Leadership Skills: The conversation narrowed down to essential leadership skills, especially in times of uncertainty. Five key skills were highlighted:

  1. Communication Style: Emphasized the significance of effective communication and consistency in messaging. Leveraging techniques to foster meaningful dialogue can assist teams in having difficult conversations, share diverse perspectives and work toward the best outcomes.
  2. Engagement: Discussed strategies for team engagement, commitment, and effective delegation, including encouraging opportunities for challenging work and shared ownership.
  3. Broad Span of Awareness: Advocated for leaders to stay informed about the external environment and how to strategically bring outside messages into team decision-making. Leaders need to understand reality in order to lead confidently in uncertain times.
  4. Polarity Intelligence: Recognized the importance of understanding interdependent opposites and navigating uncertainties with consistency and clarity. Polarity intelligent leaders recognize complexity and have a proven skillset to manage and assure maximum upside benefits.

Supporting Emerging Leaders: The blog concluded with insights on supporting emerging leaders. Encouraging new leaders to take small steps, find a safe practice field, co-lead with a buddy, and continuously learn from experiences were emphasized. The importance of having a supportive network and mentors to lean on during the learning process was highlighted.

One of the ways EBSCO Clinical Decisions is supporting leaders in healthcare is through the newly released leadership content collection in Dynamic Health. The collection is a timely and critical resource, arriving at a juncture where leadership development is of paramount importance I the healthcare landscape. We are excited to empower healthcare leaders and their teams with the tools and knowledge they need for success.  Dynamic Health Leadership is tailored for point of care leaders and provides a wide array of topics including human resource management, workforce culture, accreditation, finance/budgeting, staffing & scheduling as well as leadership competencies.

EBSCO Clinical Decisions Dynamic Health is also providing ANCC accredited continuing professional development for MissingLogic’s polarity intelligence leadership education and coaching programs. We are excited about our collaboration and look forward to building our team’s competencies in polarity intelligence through this partnership.

In conclusion, leadership is a continuous journey of growth, self-awareness, and skill development. The podcast conversation provided valuable insights into the multifaceted world of leadership, offering guidance for both seasoned leaders and those emerging in their leadership roles. As we navigate the complexities of leadership, embracing self-awareness and cultivating essential skills become indispensable tools for success.

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