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Flipster Approver: Provides access to purchase Flipster magazines. (Note a Flipster approver can also purchase eBooks.)

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EBSCO eBook MARC Record Retrieval

EBSCO offers two solutions for retrieving MARC records, and strongly recommends utilizing both methods to ensure timely and thorough support for your library's MARC needs.

OCLC World Share Collection Manager: As of early 2016, all customers will be able to retrieve their records using OCLC's WOf'ldShare Collection Manager service. To get OCLC MARC records from Collection Manager. customers need to have an OCLC Collection Manager account Retrieving EBSCO eBook MARC records with OCLC WorldShare® Collection Manager.

EBSCO eBook MARC Records (available starting late 2018): receive full MARC Records within hours of order fulfillment

Output options are MARCXML or MARC-21. Encoding options are MARC-8 or UTF-8. For examples of each, please visit our Help site.

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