EBSCO Adds Two Additional Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

~ Strong Commitment to the Environment and Increasing Popularity of Electric Vehicles Prompts Ipswich Company to Invest in More Charging Stations ~

IPSWICH, Mass. / BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — April 22, 2013 — As more and more people are choosing to buy electric cars, EBSCO in Ipswich, Mass. is responding by installing two additional charging stations in anticipation of employees buying electric vehicles. EBSCO now has four charging stations after installing the first two commercial-grade charging stations in Ipswich in 2011.

Massachusetts has approximately 220 charging stations and EBSCO was one of the first private companies in the state to install them for employees. These charging stations allow employees driving hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and all-battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to recharge while at work.

EBSCO Publishing President Tim Collins is an owner of an electric vehicle and wants to accommodate employees who are interested in buying one themselves. “The popularity of electric cars is increasing and we want to ensure that our employees have the convenience of being able to ‘top off’ the charge at work if they choose a car that has a smaller carbon footprint.  I’d love to see more electric vehicles in the EBSCO parking lot.”

Voltrek, an Andover, Massachusetts woman-owned company, installed the new charging stations after overseeing the complete project for the initial charging stations on the EBSCO campus. Voltrek is a provider of turnkey solutions for building electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Voltrek Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kathleen Rosen, has seen an increasing interest in electric vehicles since Voltrek installed EBSCO’s first charging stations. “A year and a half ago, EBSCO was the only company expressing a desire to install these stations but with the rise in popularity of cars like the Volt and the Leaf, more people are looking into it.”

Being an environmentally-conscious company has long been a guiding directive of EBSCO, which has undertaken a number of green projects. The company recently built a parking lot with rain gardens that use bioretention to filter impurities before storm water reaches streams, rivers and oceans. The EBSCO campus features two large photovoltaic solar electric arrays that help defray the energy output in two of its four downtown Ipswich buildings and a solar array that powers a hot water heater designated for its employee dining facility. The company takes advantage of its location next to the Ipswich commuter rail station by subsidizing 75 percent of the commuting costs of employees who take the train to and from work, and EBSCO has been providing its field sales teams with hybrid vehicles since 2007. EBSCO employs more than 1,000 people in Ipswich and Topsfield, Mass.

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