EBSCO and ATLA Announce 11 Separate Thematic Series of ATLA Historical Monographs Collection

~ Subject-Specific Subsets Will Fine-Tune Religious Research and Scholarship ~

IPSWICH, Mass.March 5, 2015 — Religion and theology scholars can focus their research on the era and topics that most closely fit their fields of study, now that EBSCO Information Services has partnered with ATLA to offer 11 thematic series of the ATLA Historical Monographs Collection.

These archival collections provide researchers with specialized content focused on religious thought and practice. Content spans from the 13th century through 1922, with the majority of documents originating in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Researchers can view all of the typography, graphics and drawings as they were originally presented, which provides context and perspective to religion in American and World History. The following 11 thematic series are available:

  • Biblical Research Perspectives, 1516 – 1922
  • Catholic Engagements with the Modern World, 1487 – 1918
  • Christian Preaching, Worship, and Piety, 1559 – 1919
  • Global Religious Traditions, 1760 – 1922
  • Global Theological Perspectives, 1322 – 1922
  • Islam in the Modern World, 1804 – 1918
  • Jewish Studies Perspectives, 1800 – 1918
  • Missions and Missionaries Around the World, 1611 – 1922
  • Perspectives on Ancient Civilizations, 1200 – 1922
  • Religion and Social Change, 1723 – 1921
  • Religious Leaders and Thinkers, 1516 – 1922

ATLA Director of Business Development, Margot Lyon, says that these collections were created to provide comprehensive content for specific subjects. “We are delighted to offer these new subject-specific subsets to the academic community. These collections were carefully curated by subject-matter experts and offer in-depth coverage in a variety of disciplines.”

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection will also prove valuable to historians and other academics researching disciplines such as political science, sociology, spirituality, philosophy and other areas where religion has been historically intertwined in the social, political and economic fabric of society.

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