EBSCO Information Services Announces New APIs Designed to Enhance Fair Linking and Improve the User Experience

~ APIs Designed to Improve the Research Experience for Database Users Being Released ~

IPSWICH, Mass. — March 18, 2021 — As EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) continues improving its new set of content and search Application Programming Interfaces (API), the company announces an improved linking and authorization experience with a full-text entitlement API. By enhancing fair linking, EBSCO database users can now take advantage of enhanced functionality that improves access to the full-text articles to which they are entitled from sites where they engage with scholarly information. This API is an example of EBSCO’s dedication to supporting open interoperability principles and library choice.

The entitlement API provides researchers with direct links to EBSCOhost® PDFs and coming soon, EBSCO eBooks. Third party applications can implement direct links to EBSCOhost full-text articles and EBSCO eBooks when the user has entitled access to those resources through various discovery applications and linking services. This service provides rights checking and access management to content to which institutions are entitled via research and discovery applications (e.g., a user-developed or commercial discovery service), OpenURL link resolvers, linking intermediaries, browser extensions or any application/website that presents a user with scholarly information.

This API enables library users to enjoy improved access and links to their EBSCO full-text content when a corresponding record is discovered in a third-party service. Not only can these services work with EBSCO to implement the tools, but companies providing link resolver solutions can take advantage of the API to enhance link quality.

EBSCO Chief Product Strategist Oliver Pesch says releasing this new set of APIs supports EBSCO’s mission of making information available to researchers when and where they need it. “This new integration offers librarians more choice and provides researchers with an enhanced, yet simple user experience. This is the first step in laying the groundwork for improved choice and access to vendor-neutral options and supports the interoperability that allows library staff to choose the resources that are the best fit for their institution.”

Learn more at https://developer.ebsco.com/search-discovery-apis/entitlement-api.

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