EBSCO Information Services and Jerash University Partnership Brings More Content from Arabic Researchers to Arab World Research Source™: Al Masdar

New agreement adds rich Arabic content to EBSCO database

A new agreement between EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and Jerash University, a leading university in Jordan, adds rich Arabic content to EBSCO’s Arab World Research Source™: Al Masdar. The distinguished journals from Jerash University include the most advanced research made in accounting, auditing and governance as well as human and social sciences, including art, religion and Islamic law. 

The journal content from Jerash University emphasizes the importance of Arab Islamic values and provides an opportunity for researchers worldwide to have a better understanding of beliefs in the Arab-Islamic community. Topics explored in the journals include Arab Islamic culture, history, religion and politics.

Jerash University’s philosophy is based on the originality of the Arab-Islamic civilization and the awareness of the requirements and challenges of today. Ruba Al Hussain, Head Librarian of Jerash University, says having their content in Arab World Research Source: Al Masdar ties in with the university’s goals and helps promote their research. “The ability to search content that is a direct reflection of our culture and history supports our mission of exposing our culture to the rest of the world and also makes our scholarly content easily accessible to everyone.”

Mohamed Abdel Salam, EBSCO’s Director of Publisher Relations for the Middle East and North Africa, says it is important to be able to distribute the rich Arabic content worldwide. "The partnership between Jerash University and EBSCO is a model for EBSCO's eagerness to spread outstanding Arab and scientific research and to make it known to the world's top universities and research centres across the region."

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