EBSCO Information Services Launches FinancialFit™

~ New Product to Expand Financial Literacy ~

IPSWICH, Mass. — February 14, 2023 — EBSCO Information Services has launched FinancialFit, a new product focused on providing libraries, schools, colleges and other institutions with resources for patrons and students looking to improve their financial literacy. This unique e-learning solution provides comprehensive, interactive resources to support each financial phase of a person’s journey.

FinancialFit is designed by experts in the financial industry and offers short, easy-to-understand lessons, videos and interactive tools to empower people to understand the fundamentals of personal finance and make sound financial decisions in order to achieve financial goals. With more than 160 microlessons, FinancialFit covers topics including how to borrow money, budgeting basics, managing debt, building credit, setting long term financial goals and more.

Standard & Poor's Global Financial Literacy Survey shows only 57 percent of U.S. adults identify themselves as financially literate. EBSCO Information Services Senior Vice President of Product Management, Michael Laddin, says FinancialFit is designed to improve general knowledge of personal finance. “FinancialFit offers resources to individuals at any stage of their personal finance journey and provides them with the ability to make smart financial decisions. We understand the importance of addressing a critical need for reliable, unbiased financial information and bringing equity to financial literacy. Since FinancialFit requires no prior financial knowledge, it’s a resource beneficial to everyone.”

FinancialFit is a valuable addition to EBSCO’s suite of e-learning resources. To learn more about FinancialFit, visit: https://www.ebsco.com/products/research-databases/financialfit

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