New Features Available in Your Catalog with NoveList Select

~New Features Available in Your Catalog with NoveList Select~

The latest version of NoveList Select will introduce new features and additional options to further enrich library catalogs. These enhancements are part of the latest product release and will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Current customers can expect to see the following changes:

Improved display and formatting

The display of information inside the catalog has been improved. We reorganized and reformatted many items in order to make the functionality more consistent and the display more appealing. The image on the right shows an example of how recommendations in Select now display as an attractive pop-up box. We hope that these and many other small tweaks will improve your overall experience with the information.

 Current customers do not have to take any action to see this enhancement.  Technical contacts should receive a confirmation when the upgrade is complete.

Note: individual libraries can choose to change some of the default display options in NoveList Select. One of these options is the option to display book jackets in the recommendations area (or not). If you would like to request a change in your default display, please contact

Series recommendations

As part of this release, customers will now see recommendations for similar series in their catalog (“If you like this series, you might also like these other series”). Catalog users will be able to find other series of books based on the ones they already love. This new section is in addition to the Title and Author Recommendations that have always been part of NoveList Select. See examples of the three types of recommendations in the image at right. Note that only titles that are part of a series will include this new section.

Reading levels (Lexile)

When available, NoveList Select will now display a Lexile reading level. These are primarily available in juvenile records to help you decide whether a title is appropriate for a child’s age and reading level. Lexile numbers are already available in other NoveList products.

Optional upgrade packages

This release makes it possible for us to integrate several optional upgrade packages into NoveList Select.  These optional upgrade packages will offer the opportunity to enrich your catalog with comprehensive Content Café data such as book jackets, full-text reviews, tables of contents, summaries, excerpts, author bios, and more. It is an opportunity to seamlessly deliver relevant data right where your patrons need it – inside the catalog. Watch for additional information from us on these packages.

Technical questions? Contact

Sales or product demo questions? Please submit a request for more information.

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