New Features in LibraryAware: December 2015

~ LibraryAware Announces New Features and Widget Formatting ~

The December 2015 release of LibraryAware will have something exciting for everyone. There are new widget formats for displaying newsletters, more image controls and image management tools, new opt-in page choices, and more. A few exciting features are highlighted below, and if you’re looking for more details (or training on the new stuff), head over to the knowledgebase for a full list of what's new.

New widget formats for newsletters

Want to display book recommendations on your website? Newsletter widgets are an easy solution. We added a new layout option, so you can now choose from 5 different layouts. See examples below. Plus, you can now choose whether to link these directly to your catalog, or to the newsletter issue. Remember, LibraryAware comes with more than 20 NextReads newsletters on different topics.

Layout choices include:


Image controls and tools

This is big news… we’ve added opacity controls to images, making it easier than ever for you to control the look of images and/or overlay text on top of images. It will help make your text pop! You’ll also find other new image tools in the admin area: we added the ability to rename images, added better searching and filtering, and improved display of thumbnails and tags. Also by popular request, images uploaded by a parent org are now available to child orgs – so you can share images with your branches and departments.


New opt-in choices

If you have a custom opt-in page, you can now add interest groups (previously just newsletters were available on custom pages). We also added some new layouts where you can customize the look of your page – including grouping and ordering the lists. These new layout are available via our support team who can set them up for you.

There are more enhancements than we can list here, so be sure to take a look at the What's New page in the knowledgebase. You'll also find a list of special training sessions.

Expect these new features to roll out to existing customers during the week of December 14.

Not yet a LibraryAware subscriber? Get more information.

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