New Learning Portal from EBSCO Publishing — Leadership & Management Learning Center™ — A New Approach in Organizational Learning

~ Leadership & Management Learning Center™ Supports Formal and Informal Learning, Provides Comprehensive Learning Content and Competency Mapping ~


IPSWICH, Mass. — August 28, 2012 —EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has released Leadership & Management Learning Centera turnkey solution that provides highly relevant content from thought leaders on best practices and benchmarks to support and sustain formal and informal learning.

Leadership & Management Learning Center comes pre-populated with targeted content including summaries of top business books, articles from leading business magazines and journals, e-books, and videos. The content is organized into 82 key business competencies enabling users to browse relevant content by topic. Custom mapping to specific competencies is also available from EBSCO for organizations using their own competency model.

Leadership & Management Learning Center offers organizations an easy-to-use, customizable learning portal — a “plug & play” solution that includes tools to facilitate social collaboration as well as comprehension tests to reinforce key learnings, in addition to the content collection. It can also include links to an organizations’ existing learning content or 3rd party content.  Leadership & Management Learning Center can be accessed through multiple means including a dedicated portal, Sharepoint or a Learning Management System (LMS).

EBSCO Publishing’s Vice President of Product Management, Tad Goltra, says EBSCO is leveraging its expertise as one of the world’s leading aggregators of premium content to create a unique solution for organizations looking to extend their formal and informal learning programs. “No other company can provide the same breadth of best-in-class learning content, mapped to competencies, all from within a browsable portal that facilitates self-directed learning as well as collaboration."  Leadership & Management Learning Center is designed for companies of all sizes and enables organizations to offer a cloud-based solution that helps employees achieve and sustain their learning objectives. 

EBSCO provides a full suite of learning resources — critical content and tools to support key organizational learning needs.  More information is available at:

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