New in NoveList Select: Search by Appeal and Lexile

~ Libraries with Novelist Select in Their Catalog Can Now Search by Appeal or Lexile ~

We are rolling out two fantastic new features for NoveList Select this month. Libraries with NoveList Select in their catalog will now be able to search by appeal or Lexile. These enhancements add more value to one of your most essential resources -- the library catalog.

Search by Appeal

NoveList’s appeal terms in your catalog help readers decide if a title is their style by describing the “experience” of the book (e.g. bleak and disturbing, or funny and offbeat). If you’re not already familiar, take a look at this description of appeal.

With this new feature, readers will be able to click the appeal term to see a definition of the term plus a list of suggested titles with that same appeal term. Even better – the suggested titles are all from your own collection. And readers can click any of the titles to explore them further in your catalog. This increases exposure to your library’s collection and helps readers find books just right for them. Here’s a peek at how this looks:


Search by Lexile

Lexile numbers indicate the reading level of many titles in NoveList Select. They are perfect for helping students find books at their skill level, regardless of age. If you’re not already familiar with Lexile numbers, read about them here.

This new feature adds a button so catalog users can quickly search for titles with a similar Lexile score. For example, if you’re looking at a title with a score of 700, just click to search the catalog for titles with a similar score. The suggested titles are all from your own collection and readers can click to explore them in your catalog.


Want These Features?

Current customers should be on the lookout for these new features during the week of January 19, 2015. They will automatically display if you have the appeal and Lexile sections enabled in your set up profile. Contact if you need to modify your profile.

Not yet a customer? Ask us for a quote.

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