Alberta Outdoorsmen

The purpose of Alberta Outdoorsmen is to keep the hunters, anglers and trappers of Alberta up-to-date on the news, issues and events that surround hunting, fishing and trapping in this province. We provide you with thought-provoking articles that challenge you to respond with your own thoughts, educating ourselves as we grow together. As a small group in a society that has become more urbanized over the past several years, it is our duty to maintain our rights as outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen to hunt, fish and trap in this province. In order to do this, we have to become equally knowledgeable as those who would rather see us fail. For far too long we have stood by and watched those who oppose our actions gather knowledge and strength. Because of this, we continually lose the battles to maintain our rights to hunt, fish and trap as our parents and grandparents did for so many generations. It was not long ago that the killing of a deer or the taking of some fish was the staple that fed the family throughout the year. Animal rights groups live under a bambi umbrella preaching their beliefs while denouncing those of us who hunt, fish or trap. Together we must try to educate those who do not understand the heritage that has been passed on to us, and it is here, within the pages of Alberta Outdoorsmen, that we hope to do so. This discussion can only help in our own battle to maintain our right to put wild game on our tables. So please, lets win the small battles together so that in the end we can claim a victory in the biggest battle - the right to maintain our hunting, fishing and trapping heritage.

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