Classic Rock

Readers come to Classic Rock for a monthly, turbo-charged rock'n'rollathon. Every issue is packed with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes features, offering you unrivalled access to rock's biggest names, from Led Zeppelin to Deep Purple, Guns N' Roses to the Rolling Stones, AC/DC to the Sex Pistols, and everything beyond. Our industry-expert wrtiers highlight and feature the very best new bands emerging onto the scene, keeping you informed about what's going on in your neck of the woods and the mightiest new music releases. In an average issue, you'll find over 150 albums reviewed, all from the ever-varied, multi-faceted world of rock - whether it's hard rock or heavy metal, prog or punk, goth rock or southern rock, we've got it covered.

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Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd.

ISSN: 1464-7834

Categories: Entertainment

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