Guitarist is a beautifully presented journal for anyone who loves making music on six strings. From insightful interviews with legendary players such as Jimmy Page and David Gilmour to authoritative reviews of the best new guitar gear, plus tuition that helps readers play with more creativity, authenticity and flair, you'll find everything to fuel your passion for guitars inside. From Mark Knopfler's studio secrets to technique masterclasses with celebrated players such as James Taylor and Robben Ford, we get closer than anyone else to the world's greatest guitarists, sharing their insights with you in each issue. You'll also find authoritative reviews of the best new guitar gear inside, from custom-shop creations to workhorse instruments that'll help you get maximum twang for your buck. Every issue features 164 pages of detailed studio photography, plus easily accessible in-depth video demonstrations of great new gear with each review. Experience the beauty of guitars as never before with Guitarist magazine.

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Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd.

ISSN: 0953-7023; 2632-2951

Categories: Hobbies, Interests & DIY

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