Phi Delta Kappan

Phi Delta Kappan is the professional magazine for anyone who cares about K-12 education. This influential publication features articles about classroom practice, policy, research, professional issues, and innovations in education. Addressing issues related to K-12 education and with its unique role in education, Kappan sits clearly at the intersection of practice, policy, and research. Kappan is interested in topics that most interest educators working in K-12 schools throughout the world. And because policy decisions influence practice, we are very interested in the implications and implementation of policy changes. We want to encourage conversations that inspire changes in practice that lead to improved student learning. We are not an activist publication, but we are active educators who believe that the quality of our work can affect the quality of education throughout the world.

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Publisher: Sage Publications Inc.

ISSN: 0031-7217; 1940-6487

Categories: Academic

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