Help aspiring entrepreneurs develop the mindset they need to succeed

An entrepreneurial mindset provides a new perspective — one that will expose new opportunities, ignite ambition, and cultivate the confidence, creativity, self-reliance and resourcefulness essential for adapting and thriving in today’s rapidly changing world.

Based on research funded by the Kauffman Foundation and CISCO, the Entrepreneurial Mindset Training Course provides budding entrepreneurs with access to individuals like them who have turned innovative ideas into profitable businesses.

Course content, published by the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, is available from EBSCO and accessible from any device.

Core Concepts:

  • Module 1: The Power to Choose
  • Module 2: Recognizing Opportunities
  • Module 3: Ideas into Action
  • Module 4: The Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Module 5: Creating Wealth
  • Module 6: Building Your Brand
  • Module 7: Creating Community
  • Module 8: The Power of Persistence

Module Contents:

  • Video Case Studies featuring real-world “unlikely” entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges by embracing the core concepts of an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Action Items that enable enrollees to immediately apply what they are learning in the real world
  • Points to Ponder reflection assignments designed to encourage self-reflection and analysis
  • Additional Resources to encourage further exploration of the core concepts