Current Biography Illustrated

This full-text database offers the content of Current Biography in searchable, electronic format. Covering publications from 1940 to the present, it provides accurate and objective biographies and includes subject commentaries from journalists and colleagues.

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Content Includes

  • More than 30,000 biographies and obituaries with photographs, covering more than 20,000 individuals
  • Searchable collection of more than¬†35,000 images

Having so much full text available makes life easier for the library staff. Our patrons like having full text available at their fingertips.

Karen McQuillen , Share Knowledge Manager, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Comprehensive Searching

Users can search biographies in Current Biography Illustrated by occupation, activity, gender, place of origin, birthday, lifespan, or any combination of these search criteria. Users can also browse indexes to retrieve targeted results. Indexes include biography name, document type, ethnicity, geographic terms, journal name, nationality, occupation and place of birth.

Extensive Content

Current Biography Illustrated offers monthly biographies on current news-makers and includes content from the Current Biography International Yearbook and biographies not found in print from Current Biography Electronic.

Obituaries for individuals from previous editions of Current Biography, originally compiled in print for Current Biography Yearbook and Current Biography International Yearbook, are also available, and articles are targeted for updated on a monthly basis to provide users with up-to-date information on featured subjects.