Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) is a free research database for library and information science studies. LISTA provides indexing and abstracting for hundreds of key journals, books, research reports. It is EBSCO's intention to provide access to this resource on a continual basis.

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Content Includes

  • More than 610 indexed core journals 
  • More than 120 indexed selective and priority journals 
  • Coverage dating back to 1960
  • A robust thesaurus

Subjects Include

  • Bibliometrics
  • Cataloging
  • Classification
  • Information management
  • Librarianship
  • Online information retrieval

This may be the best gift that library and information professionals ever received from commercial information services. LISTA is an open-access mega indexing/abstracting database on its own.

— Peter Jacso
Peter's Digital Reference Shelf

Researchers can access LISTA at and EBSCO customers can add the database to their profile by visiting