BiblioGraph Video Series: The Linked Data Puzzle Unraveled


Explore the Linked Data Puzzle video series to learn more about how BiblioGraph, EBSCO's Linked Data Service for Libraries converts catalog records into BIBFRAME resources. This enhances library data and enables the publication of data in an open network. This enriches collections with authoritative source data, which is a major benefit to libraries.

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BiblioGraph Video Series: The Linked Data Puzzle Unraveled

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Hi, I'm Amy Thurlow, Director of Software as a Service Innovation. Linked data gives structure to and increases the power of bibliographic data. Connections of structured linked data increase search query efficiency. Linked data enables the delivery of integrated results on the web by combining data from multiple authoritative sources and various contributors. Web technologies allow the integration of data from different sources to reveal hidden facts, allowing your researchers answers to complex queries with increased ease. It allows meaningful connections of open data from the web to expedite research. Bibliograph, which is EBSCO’s linked data service, transforms your own MARC records into a modern bibliographic framework known as BIBFRAME, providing you with all the advantages of linked data without the manual work associated with converting the MARC records yourself. This allows for your catalog to be published on the web and on an open network and enriched by the collaboration of thousands of other libraries. The benefits linked data through bibliography provide the library include: allowing libraries resources to be discoverable on the web, including but not limited to through Google, the ability to create and publish collections of connected resources on websites and within web applications, helping drive users to key curated library resources through visual engagement, enriching collections with data from authoritative web data sources, and displaying the impact of interactions through detailed statistics showing how patrons engage with your content. Thank you.

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