DynaMed Decisions Integration with DynaMed


Introducing DynaMed Decisions, now seamlessly integrated within DynaMed.

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DynaMed Decisions Integration with DynaMed

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Clinicians know that better patient engagement can improve clinical outcomes. With that in mind, DynaMed continues to evolve to meet the needs of both clinicians
and patients. It represents the best in clinical decision support, according to clinicians and industry leaders.

DynaMed has a rigorous evidence-based methodology that is unlike any other clinical decision support resource.

With constantly updated evidence across the landscape of clinical topics, together with recommendations and practice points to derive greater value from the evidence, DynaMed instills confidence in practice. And now, DynaMed also brings together patient-specific data, clinical calculators and interactive shared decision tools to optimize experiences, patient satisfaction, and ultimately patient outcomes.

Introducing DynaMed Decisions, now seamlessly integrated with DynaMed.

With the inclusion of DynaMed Decisions within DynaMed, clinicians have unique tools to elevate patient interactions.

With DynaMed Decisions, clinicians can make the best evidence-based decisions in the context of a patient's individual risks, values and preferences, all while having the interactive tools to engage patients in a shared decision-making process.

In addition, it adds streamlined workflows to save time and optimize patient engagement.

First, it seamlessly gathers patient data from the EHR, then performs risk calculations and presents latest guidelines and graphically displays the patient's individual risk.

Clinicians can toggle between screening or medication options generated to display changing risk, then review the option grids with the patient and document the interaction with a customizable chart note.

DynaMed Decisions uses complex algorithms and branching logic. These complex algorithms with their branching logic enable the integration of individualized clinical criteria to support decisions. When DynaMed decisions is integrated into the EHR, the tools will automatically populate the patient's data into the appropriate fields, or the clinician can easily input this data

DynaMed Decisions Smart Tools provide clinicians with individual risk profiles and customized clinical guidance based on each patient's unique clinical data, allowing them to deliver personalized care.

Interactive, customizable views of the harms and benefits of various options create opportunities for meaningful shared decision-making conversations with patients.

Option Grid Decision aids enable education and engagement before, during or after visits using portable formats with frequently asked questions.

Simple, patient-ready evidence-based decision aids focus on the frequently asked questions many patients have when making a preference-sensitive treatment decision.

Easily show or hide options based on your patient's unique needs.A chart note meeting the regulatory requirements for documentation of SDM is generated automatically using the information gathered during the encounter.

Share a link to this content with your patient to review prior to a visit or to reference after one.

DynaMed Decisions provides evidence-based tools that maximize clinicians time, enhance patient engagement and elevate patient satisfaction.

Because every minute and every decision matters, there is DynaMed.

Find us at dynamed.com.

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