EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites: Business eBook Collections


When time is short and the need for new and in-demand eBooks across a variety of subjects is high, it’s easy to stay informed on new and updated eBook collections from EBSCO by watching our short and efficient Collection Quick Bite sessions. 

In the second session EBSCO Collection Development Manager, Gemma Doyle discusses the different types of Business collections available through EBSCO eBooks, popular publishers and top selling business e-books through October 2022.

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Check out the companion info sheet for a full list of Business collections mentioned during this session as well as popular publishers and top-selling titles available through EBSCO eBooks. 

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Hello, and welcome to the EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bite series. In these series of short videos, you will learn about the EBSCO eBooks Collection Development team, and find out more about some of the projects that we've been working on. In this video, we will be discussing our business eBooks collections and content.

So I'm Gemma Doyle, the Collection Development team's manager. Before coming to EBSCO, I worked in public libraries, special libraries, and corporate libraries. On the Collection Development team, we each work in all areas, but also have specialized areas that we are the subject matter experts in. My areas are business and economics, computer science and engineering, so most of the products in those areas have been put together by me.

Speaking of our products, here's a little refresher on what Featured Collections and spotlight lists are, and they really are basically the same list of titles with spotlight lists are just mirrored onto GOBI. As with our other eBooks products, Featured Collections and GOBI Spotlight Lists are managed and curated by the EBSCO Collection Development team. These collections serve as selection lists, covering a wide range of topics and genres. They're updated monthly, quarterly, byannually, or annually, depending on the collection. We develop these lists with the needs of the Collection Development librarian in mind, constantly keeping an eye out for trends and requested topics, as well as anticipating future industry needs.

Currently there are over 450 Featured Collections, and over 250 GOBI Spotlight Lists available. We have over 20 business related Featured Collections, here is a list of some of the most popular ones. Our Featured Collections contain eBooks that are for a wide ranging audience, from introductory undergraduates, to grad students, and professionals.

Subject Sets are a well established and trusted academic eBook product. They are meticulously curated to include the very best titles in a given subject. There is a guarantee of no duplication of titles between any subject set, and the sets are smaller in size when compared to some of our other collections, like Featured Collections. Unlike Featured Collections and spotlight list updates, entirely new subject set for these topics will be created based on the availability of new content. Subject sets are also available on EBSCOhost Collection Manager, as well as on the GOBI Library Solutions website.

EBSCO eBooks subscriptions are an excellent way for libraries to acquire a large amount of content at an affordable rate. They're one of our most popular eBooks products. EBSCO launched its subscription product line in 2012 with two collections, and we currently offer over 50 eBook subscriptions. These subscriptions are carefully managed and curated by EBSCO librarians. Currently, the Collection Development team evaluates over 300,000 titles per year for subscription inclusion.

EBSCO eBooks subscriptions offer unlimited user access with no turn aways, along with complimentary mark records. Our Collection Development librarians add new titles to each subscription collection quarterly, in January, March, June, and September.

We have three main business subscriptions, Business North America and Worldwide, which are for academic audiences, BusinessCore, which is for corporate audiences, and the Harvard Business Review Press subscription, which contains just titles from Harvard Business Review Press, as you could tell. These subscription collections can be ordered and renewed each year using EBSCONET, a comprehensive EBSCO subscription management platform, or through your EBSCO sales rep.

EBSCO has partnered with a ton of excellent business publishers. Part of our work in the Collection Development team is researching publishers and deciding which ones we want to partner with, so we are very aware of publishers and their various strengths, even before we start handling their titles on a daily basis. So this is a snapshot from the bestselling front list business eBooks from the end of October, 2022.

And that sums up our quick dive into business content and products. There are a variety of ways to stay informed about all of our new eBooks collections. Please check out the companion info sheet for this presentation for links to EBSCO resources. And thank you for your time, and I hope you have enjoyed this session of EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites.

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