EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites – Community College eBook Collections


When time is short and the need for new and in-demand eBooks across a variety of subjects is high, it’s easy to stay informed on new and updated eBook collections from EBSCO by watching our short and efficient Collection Quick Bite sessions.

In the fourth session EBSCO Collection Development Specialist (and newest member of the collection development team), Alex Arthun discusses the different types of EBSCO eBook collections available for community colleges. Each collection includes academic and trade e-books across a wide variety of topics with a particular focus on introductory, general overview, and popular interest titles. Alex also reviews popular publishers, and top-selling e-books through December 2022.

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EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites – Community College eBook Collections

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Hello and welcome to the EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites series. Before we get started, here's just a little background information on me. My name is Alex Arthun and I'm the newest member of the EBSCO eBook Collection Development team.

Featured collections can be found on EBSCOhost Collection Manager and Spotlight Lists can be found on the GOBI website. They're basically identical, but there are a few differences in scope. For example, GOBI lists may include print materials in addition to e-books. Featured collections are hand-selected by collection development librarians in dozens of subject areas, so there is something for every library.

Community college spotlight lists are available exclusively on GOBI. You can see from the subjects available that we developed these specifically with the community college curriculum in mind. In terms of content, we focus on introductory, general overview and popular interest titles. These lists include both print and digital resources, so it's easy for librarians to buy for the kinds of students they support. With such a huge variety of topics available in ECM featured collections and GOBI spotlight lists, there’s there's no need to limit yourself to the community college specific collections. We have undergraduate spotlight lists in 25 subjects  that cover many basic and general education classes, such as communication, literature and science. You can also find collections dedicated to specific career paths. Culinary arts and video game design are two of our most popular vocational featured collections.

Let's move on to subject sets. These are highly curated collections featuring the best titles available in their respective subjects. We limit them by size and price and there is no duplication across subject areas or from year to year. We know you're trying to get the most for your money and your time is exceedingly valuable, so this is a great place to start for busy librarians. We have over 200 subject sets available. They're available in both EBSCOhost Collection Manager and GOBI, though GOBI only has the current year while EBSCO has the past few years. So there's a ton of great content easily at your fingertips.

The last major product I want to talk about is our community college e-book subscription. In general, EBSCO eBook subscriptions are an excellent way for libraries to acquire large amounts of content at an affordable rate. We currently offer over 50 e-book subscriptions. They are carefully managed and curated by EBSCO librarians and updated four times a year. EBSCO eBook subscriptions offer unlimited user access with no turnaways along with complimentary MARC records. The community college subscription offers access to over 60,000 titles across all subject areas. You can order or renew access to this product through EBSCONET, our comprehensive subscription management platform, or through your EBSCO sales rep. They can also answer any questions you might have about the subscription.

Lastly, I would like to take a little time right now to highlight some of our most popular publishers and titles that community college customers are purchasing. We are constantly on the lookout for more partnerships with publishers across a variety of topics to help you support your students and faculty. This is a snapshot of some of the best selling e-books to community colleges in 2022. Because we work with so many publisher partners and can look at sales data from a huge swath of institutions, the data nerd in me finds this stuff really interesting. When I looked at our top sellers, which are not all listed here, the most common subjects from the last year were nursing, virology and anti-racism.

There are a variety of ways to stay informed about all of our new e-book collections. Please check out the companion info sheet to this presentation for links to EBSCO Resources.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed this session of EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites.

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