EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites – Spanish and Portuguese eBook Collections


When time is short and the need for new and in-demand eBooks across a variety of subjects is high, it’s easy to stay informed on new and updated eBook collections from EBSCO by watching our short and efficient Collection Quick Bite sessions.

Our first session features EBSCO Collection Development Specialist Jeanette Pomeroy discussing Spanish and Portuguese e-book collections available through EBSCO eBooks. In less than 5 minutes viewers will learn about the different types of Spanish and Portuguese collections available now (as well as collections coming soon) plus popular publishers and top-selling e-books.

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EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites – Spanish and Portuguese eBook Collections

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Hello and welcome to the EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites series. My name is Jeanette Pomeroy and I am a member of the EBSCO eBook Collection Development team.

The demand for foreign language materials is high, and Spanish and Portuguese language books are among our most requested non-English content. Therefore, we're very pleased to announce that our e-book subscription Spanish and Portuguese Collection launched on September 8th of this year.

This e-book subscription is a multidisciplinary collection consisting of 9100 high quality Spanish and Portuguese language e-books in key areas of academic study, including humanities, social sciences and science and technology. Specific topics include business and economics, fine arts, political science, engineering, literature, history, computer science and medicine, among others.

As with our other e-book products, feature collections and GOBI spotlight lists are managed and curated by the e-book collection development team. These collections serve as selection lists, covering a wide range of topics and genres. They are updated quarterly, bi-annually or annually, depending on the collection.

Until recently, we had two Spanish language featured collections: the Latin American Collection, Arts and Humanities and the Latin American Collection Social Sciences. The initiative to create more Spanish language collections was kicked off in July of 2021, with the launch of the featured collection Spanish Language Fiction. This collection covers a wide variety of Spanish language fiction from all over the world, including translated classics such as Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea and popular fiction like Stephen King's The Institute. Additionally, it features fiction from important and influential Spanish language authors like Gabriel García Márquez and contemporary novelists such as Carlos Ruiz Zafón. There is something for everyone in this collection.

We followed with the Spanish language feature collections in business and economics, fine arts, history and medicine. These e-book collections can be found on EBSCOhost Collection Manager and also on the GOBI Library Solutions website, the leading provider of e-books and print books to academic libraries.

In addition to the new feature collections, we are very excited to announce that we will be releasing the Spanish language Literary and Criticism and the Portuguese Business and Economics subject set in November of 2022. Subject sets are a well-established and trusted academic product. They are meticulously curated to include the very best titles in a given subject. There is a guarantee of no duplication of titles between any subject set, and the sets are smaller in size when compared to some of our other collections. Due to the no duplication guarantee and the conservative size of each collection, they are commonly purchased as a whole unit rather than title by title, though title by title purchases are permitted. Unlike Featured Collection and Spotlight List updates, entirely new subjects for these topics will be created based on the availability of new content. Subject sets are also available on EBSCOhost Collection Manager as well as on the GOBI Library Solutions website.

Our Spanish and Portuguese language e-books come from a large assortment of high quality publishers such as Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial and its imprints. The publishers are from all over the world, including Spain and Portugal, as well as from many Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba and Peru. Our Spanish and Portuguese language content is diverse and it spans a wide variety of subjects. This list of titles is just a snapshot of what is currently popular and is subject to change.

There are a variety of ways to stay informed about all of our new e-book collections. Please check out the companion info sheet to this presentation for links to EBSCO Resources.

Thank you for your time and I hope you've enjoyed this session of EBSCO eBooks Collection Quick Bites.

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