EBSCO FOLIO Migration Teams


EBSCO FOLIO Implementation teams are here to help your library every step of the way during your migration. Learn more about the teams that make your library's transition to FOLIO as smooth as migrating south for winter.

An infographic outlining the roles of teams involved in the migration to EBSCO FOLIO library services platform

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EBSCO FOLIO Migration Teams

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EBSCO FOLIO Migration Teams

1. Project Management Implementation Consultants (PM ICs)

The PM ICs are the project leads of the overall project and are here to make sure everything is going as planned (and fix things if they go astray).

We will be responsible for communicating with both internal and external stakeholders and will work closely with key team members to make sure they understand the workflows and settings of your library.

2. Data Migration Implementation Consultants (Data ICs)

Our Data ICs will help navigate the process of transferring your current ILS data to FOLIO.

Our roles are to help extract the data and then guide the process of mapping data in FOLIO.

3. Trainers

Our Trainers are embedded into the implementation process so that they can help guide you through every step of the process.

Our training is broken into learning how you will maintain FOLIO and how you will use FOLIO. Our trainers will teach you both.

4. Implementation Project Managers (IPMs)

The IPMs are here to help you with any additional SaaS integrations that your team is looking to integrate into your FOLIO migration.

This can be anything from EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) to OpenAthens Single Sign-On systems and EBSCO Locate, specializing in patron engagement interactions.

Our team becomes a single point of contact for these integrations so that while your library is working through the migration, we can help you coordinate across various technical service teams.

5. Library Service Engineers (LSEs) 

LSEs are the leaders of the field teams and are responsible for developing and troubleshooting integrations with EBSCO solutions including EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), FOLIO or other adjacent projects.

We serve as an escalation point to support you on any highly technical challenges that might come up along the way.

6. FOLIO Customer Account Specialist (CASs)

Our Customer Account Specialists are the linked connection between the library and our internal services teams.

It’s their responsibility to develop a thorough understanding of the requirements of your library to make sure our teams are delivering on your priorities.

As part of the project approach, EBSCO ensures that Proiect Management is clearly outlined for both the customer and the implementation team.

EBSCO is currently utilizing Monday.com for project management. Monday.com's platform is both intuitive and flexible, allowing our project managers to adjust the plan and reporting to meet our customer's needs.

It also contains the capability to invite our customers to the project board(s) as a guest, so library staff can be active participants in amending and tracking progress, if desired.

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