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Watch the video to learn how LearningExpress Library can help all members of your community achieve their academic, personal and professional goals.

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EBSCO LearningExpress Library

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Your library plays an important role in helping people achieve their potential. Whether they are students, recent college graduates, job seekers, career changers, immigrants pursuing US citizenship, or military service members transitioning to civilian life. Whichever path they pursue, your patrons can accomplish their goals using LearningExpress Library, an easy to use e-learning platform from EBSCO. 

LearningExpress Library's targeted learning centers contain a variety of tools such as practice tests, tutorials, e-books, articles, and flashcards to help patrons develop their knowledge and skills. 

LearningExpress Library can help learners in grades four and up to improve their core skills in math, science, technology, English language arts, and social studies. 

LearningExpress Library also contains practice tests for college admissions exams, advanced placement AP exams, the WorkKeys assessments, graduate school admissions exams, and military entrance exams. 

Patrons can also explore careers and prepare for occupational exams in nursing, Allied Health, law enforcement, teaching, the trade professions, and many others. 

They'll also find a collection of tutorials for conducting a successful job search, creating resumes that stand out, and interviewing with confidence. 

In addition, LearningExpress Library offers English and Spanish language resources to help adults improve core skills, such as reading, writing and math, achieve high school equivalency, and study for the US citizenship exam. 

To help you maximize the value of LearningExpress Library, the tools administrative dashboard provides detailed usage reports with daily updates. You'll know which tests and tutorials are most popular among your users and which ones might need more promotion. 

Your library has the power to transform lives. Using LearningExpress Library, all members of your community can achieve success in school, in college, at work, and in life.

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