EcoMap: Empowering Entrepreneurs


Watch the video to learn how EcoMap can help libraries connect emerging entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch successful businesses.

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EcoMap: Empowering Entrepreneurs

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Meet Henry. After 30 years as a high school educator, Henry is ready to do something different with his retirement years. Several of his former teacher friends have started businesses or consulting services, and the idea of doing the same appeals to him. For many years, Henry and his wife provided homemade chocolate chip cookies and ice cream at school events. His family recipe was always a big hit among his students and colleagues. He wonders, would people pay for the delicious treats he has been giving away for free? Henry talked with some of his entrepreneur friends and soon heads to his public library to find books on food trucks and business planning. When it comes to launching his dream business, Henry is not alone. Many emerging entrepreneurs turn to their library for the answers to their questions. At his local library, Henry finds books, databases, programs and a friendly reference librarian named Lisa. While the books he borrows help him discover what he might need to do to launch a profitable business, Henry is left wondering, “Who in my community can actually help me get started?” What he really wants is to talk with someone who could provide him with the information and guidance he needs. Someone, Lisa determines, who is already running a successful food truck business. Using EcoMap, Lisa searches her library's community resources and finds a local small business incubator that supports food trucks. She is also able to connect Henry with professionals who can provide him with legal advice and tax assistance. Henry leaves the library feeling positive and determined. Lisa is always looking for people like Henry to help nurture the next generation of small business owners and is planning to start an entrepreneurial training program at the library. Lisa tells Henry that with his teaching background, he'd be the perfect instructor. Henry happily agrees, and when he officially gets his food truck business off the ground a year later, he welcomes the opportunity to pay it forward. Mapping your library's ecosystem can help match individuals like Henry to the resources they need to realize their dreams and achieve their goals. Learn how EcoMap can help.

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