Empowering Libraries: EBSCO FOLIO and Stacks for Streamlined Access


Stacks help libraries make information easy to access, regardless of the systems and content that exist behind the scenes. Stacks was built in partnership with libraries to help integrate your existing library systems, collections, and everything in between. Giving you the ability to spend time focusing on curating the right content, resources, and services without needing to learn how to code or rely on outside teams to make updates. Watch this video on integrating EBSCO FOLIO and Stacks to learn more about how these systems interact with one another.

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Empowering Libraries: EBSCO FOLIO and Stacks for Streamlined Access

Ref Link: https://www.ebsco.com/resources/empowering-libraries-ebsco-folio-and-stacks-streamlined-access

Hello. My name is Ken Pepper, and I'm the sales manager for PepsiCo. Today we're going to talk a little bit about Stacks. Stacks for Libraries is a full library content management system and user engagement accelerator.

The librarians we support are already experts at engaging the communities they serve. Stacks simply enables them and their staff members to become experts at providing the best possible library website experience to their user base, all without having to know how to code.

The four main reasons our customers engage us for Stacks are number one user experience. Prior to engaging Stacks, our customers knew the online experience they provided could be better for their users. They had some good ideas that they were not quite sure how to build on those ideas from a best practices perspective. Stacks is solution-driven, enabling library staff to provide the most optimal desktop and mobile user experience for their users, while also getting the most utilization out of the content, tools, programs, events, collections, and other resources that the library offers.

Second is administration and support. Stacks is built by librarians for librarians based on current web best practices, so the administration, design, and site updates can all be done by you and your staff without the need for technical expertise.

Third is accessibility. Stacks has an internal accessibility team dedicated to ensuring we are meeting and exceeding all 508 and other requirements so patrons with disabilities can still have a great online experience and you, as an institution, meet state and federal laws both now and however they may evolve in the future.

And fourth is security. Because of Stack's deployments at the Department of Defense, state and federal governments, schools, universities, public libraries, Fortune 500 companies and more, we meet and exceed stringent FedRAMP, StateRAMP, SOC 2 and all other industry security standards.

So at the end of the day, your information is safe and all of your user information is safe at all times. Finally, similar to FOLIO, Stacks is a SaaS solution built on modern architecture to integrate with all of the major technology offerings for today's libraries. Because of this, you are able to choose the solutions that make the most sense for your institution, and they will work seamlessly with Stacks.

Obviously, the combination of Stacks as the front end user-facing library website integrated with FOLIO as the backend business of the library solution will be an absolute game changer for library institutions to grow and thrive into the future. Thank you.

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