FinancialFit for Public Libraries


Watch the video to learn how members of your community can increase their financial literacy skills using FinancialFit, a personal finance education solution from EBSCO. Visit to learn more.

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FinancialFit for Public Libraries

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Are your patrons feeling the pinch of financial stress? Help them get their finances in shape using FinancialFit, a personal finance education solution from EBSCO.

Strong financial skills are essential to supporting your patron's life goals. Your library, as a source of trustworthy information, is well-positioned to increase financial literacy in your community. However, with limited staff expertise and the vast range of economic backgrounds and knowledge among patrons, it can be difficult to know where to start. FinancialFit is the perfect coach.

Designed by industry experts, FinancialFit provides quick and easy lessons that teach individuals to assess their financial needs, build credit, buy or rent a home, choose the right credit card, manage debt, understand taxes, and so much more.

FinancialFit also offers interactive tools such as worksheets and checklists to help users step up their personal finance workouts.

FinancialFit integrates seamlessly into your library's ecosystem, complimenting your existing resources and programs, and takes the weight of personal finance training off the shoulders of your busy library staff.

FinancialFit not only supports your library's mission to empower and educate, but also extends your library's reach. By increasing their financial literacy, your patrons will gain the confidence they need to manage their money effectively and secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Make FinancialFit an essential part of your library services and help your patrons flex their savings muscles without breaking a sweat.

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