Introducing EBSCOHost Passport


Introducing EBSCOhost Passport, our new browser extension for library end-users. EBSCOhost Passport makes research simpler and full-text access more efficient for end users by dynamically inserting links to full text in virtually any web page where DOIs are present.

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Introducing EBSCOHost Passport

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Does your student's research consume more time than anticipated? Is she switching between her web-based research and the library's website to determine whether she has access?

EBSCOhost Passport provides the solution.

By dynamically inserting links to full text on virtually any webpage where DOIs are available, EBSCOhost Passport will facilitate and enhance your researcher's journey. It also knows the authentication settings of the user's organization and changes the links accordingly.

EBSCOhost Passport is currently available on both Chrome and Microsoft Edge. After installing the extension and selecting your institution, simply navigate the web and search for the E icons contextually on the page or to the right. Each icon will indicate where you can access the article, if available, or if it is open access.

EBSCOhost Passport, the ultimate student time saver. Learn more at

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