Introducing the New Flipster User Interface


Discover the new Flipster interface from EBSCO which offers library users a more modern and efficient search and reading experience across all devices.

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Introducing the New Flipster User Interface

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Spark imagination and unlock pathways to creative, artistic and professional inspiration with the new Flipster interface from EBSCO.


Flipster is an award-winning platform built for libraries to provide patrons, students, researchers, and educators with access to their favorite digital magazines.


Based on extensive user research and customer feedback, EBSCO redesigned the Flipster interface to offer library users a more modern and efficient search and reading experience across all devices.


The new design makes it easier for users to enjoy a reliable source of popular digital magazines from top publishers, instant access to new and back issues from any location, highly visual and engaging digital content across many niche and diverse topics, and an appealing browsable format that can be incorporated into school and academic curriculums.


In addition to a more intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly design, the new Flipster interface offers a convenient list of categories to provide users with a visual entry point for browsing popular magazine topics and subject areas.


Flipster magazines are also searchable by keyword, title, publisher, and ISSN.


The homepage displays a shelf of the most recent issues of magazines in a library's collection.


This can ignite curiosity in a particular publication that a user may not have been aware of.


Users can also click “browse all” to see the newest magazines available displayed in order by release date.


Flipster magazines are discoverable in the new EBSCOhost, EDS and Explora interfaces, making it the perfect complement to your existing EBSCO products and services.


Whether your library’s users are students conducting research, teachers building course reading lists or searching for ready-made lesson plans, or patrons looking for a legitimate source of news and world events or learning a new hobby or skill, the new Flipster interface makes it easier for them to accomplish their goals.

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