MEDLINE Ultimate for Biomedical Research


Medical Students and biomedical researchers can depend on MEDLINE Ultimate for all their research questions. This video highlights the benefits of the leading biomedical database that covers more than 500 topics and includes the leading biomedical journals, ahead of print content and MeSH subject headings.

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MEDLINE Ultimate for Biomedical Research

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Would you like to give medical students and biomedical researchers the ultimate advantage? 

Give them access to MEDLINE Ultimate.

Comprehensive in scope, MEDLINE Ultimate delivers everything necessary for research success.

Covering more than 500 topics, it is the largest collection of full text biomedical journals.

Ahead-of-print content representing the most current biomedical research.

Thousands of international journals providing global context to research.

MEDLINE subject headings aligned with MeSH established by the National Library of Medicine.

Easy linking from PubMed Index to the full text in MEDLINE Ultimate with a simple link resolver.

With all this and more, it’s no wonder that MEDLINE Ultimate is a trusted resource for researchers around the world.

MEDLINE Ultimate. For the ultimate biomedical research experience.

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