Securing Access: OpenAthens and EBSCO FOLIO for Libraries


OpenAthens offers easy online access to all library resources to only your authenticated library patrons. It provides modern single sign-on (SSO) technology and a better IP/Proxy experience and meets data protection governance and compliance requirements. In this video learn more about how OpenAthens and EBSCO FOLIO work together to provide secure access to your library.

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Securing Access: OpenAthens and EBSCO FOLIO for Libraries

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Hi, I'm Larry McGondel, and I'm a SaaS Specialist here at EBSCO supporting libraries with authentication via OpenAthens. Your library offers access to many different platforms, and users expect seamless entry for all.

OpenAthens supports personalized research experiences through a single log in. As you move across the many resources provided to you by the library, single sign-on, SSO, makes that access seamless, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords. OpenAthens authentication is a natural fit for FOLIO libraries since it has the benefits for students, administrators and I.T. Open Athens will SSO patrons into your discovery layer and authenticate your patrons into all your publishers and library applications across the institution.

For librarians, OpenAthens benefits include flexibility, analytics with visual usage reporting options, and customization into user groups and attributes to make reports more meaningful, plus the ability to easily manage walk-in users. The interoperability of a solution like OpenAthens can enhance usability and allow you to provide patron empowerment for all your user groups

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