Stay Updated on Changes and News Regarding EBSCO eBooks Subscriptions


Make sure you are aware of additions or removals to your EBSCO eBooks subscription collections by joining our Subscription Notifications group via our customer support site, EBSCO Connect. 

Check out our video below to see a short tutorial with EBSCO eBooks Specialist Kaitlyn Lambert.

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Stay Updated on Changes and News Regarding EBSCO eBooks Subscriptions

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Hi. My name is Kaitlyn Lambert and I'm an E-Book Specialist here at EBSCO. Let's talk about how to stay informed on changes to your EBSCO e-book subscriptions.

If you're not already a customer, here's some points to consider about our subscriptions. They are affordable and renewable collections of EBSCO eBooks. New e-books are added four times per year at no additional cost. Our removals take place twice per year in between your semesters. You'll receive a six week notice if you sign up through our EBSCO Connect group, and we're happy to provide you with a quote of titles with usage that are being removed from these collections.

Updates are communicated via our EBSCO Subscription Notification Group. This subscription group is located on EBSCO Connect. To access it, you'll want to create a free account, and from there, you'll gain access to tutorials, guides, and everything you need to know about your favorite EBSCO products. Any additions, removals, and any other news will be communicated through this group. The awareness will help you avoid dead links and ensure your catalog stays up to date and current.

Let's take a look at what the group looks like in Connect.

Once you log in to Connect, you'll see the Community Groups option in the bottom right hand corner. You'll want to click “Contribute”. Once you toggle to Active Groups, you'll see the EBSCO eBooks Subscription Notifications Group. I'm already a member, but you'll see a checkbox to join the group here. And once you join, you'll have access to all of the threads with any updates we've made so far. And again, here are some steps on how to join the group on everything we just went over. Feel free to take a screenshot.

Lastly, here are some benefits on our subscription collections. All of our e-books have unlimited user access to help eliminate turnaways. You'll receive complimentary MARC records. All of the lists come curated by our EBSCO collection development team of librarians and include high interest topics like business, education and nursing. We also offer foreign language collections.

Please contact with any questions. Thank you.

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