How We Work

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Improving research around the world. From locations across the globe.

EBSCO Information Services offers a hybrid work model, where employees have the flexibility to work remotely. We offer flexibility to support individual lifestyles while balancing business needs, the health and safety of our employees, and maintaining our culture.

Our hybrid model has three options for employees:

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Flexible work options

Employees can enjoy the benefits of coming into the office a few days a week if they reside near one of our physical locations.

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Work from home

Employees whose roles enable them to work from home permanently can do so, leveraging Microsoft Teams technology to stay connected.

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There are a few roles that do need to be onsite, including those who keep our buildings running and technology working smoothly.

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The many benefits to our hybrid work model

  • Greater flexibility and an increased work life balance
  • Reduced commute time and more opportunities to spend time with family, friends and oneself
  • Decreased individual and company carbon footprint, resulting in a positive impact on the environment
  • Expanded reach to recruit diverse, innovative talent in any location
  • Increased work productivity across the company
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Virtual Collaboration

Although our employees work in different locations, we continue to collaborate closely and support one another in an online environment. EBSCO’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), mentoring programs, leadership trainings and access to virtual working platforms make it possible to connect with teammates across the organization.

Learn more about our Employee Resource Groups
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Our Locations

EBSCO is an international company with offices in locations around the world. Visit EBSCO Offices for a full list of our locations, including the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania.

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