Prior to joining EBSCO, what was your professional background?

Before joining EBSCO, I worked as a librarian in academic and public library sectors for more than 14 years. I have always worked in the library industry and see libraries as integral for building communities. I held different positions that were all very different but helped to develop my skills. Roles varied from Library and IT Help team member, Campus Coordinator in the academic sector to Senior Librarian and Branch Librarian in the public sector.

What made you want to move to work on EBSCO’s training team?

Training was a core component in all my library roles! I have a passion for training and for lifelong learning. When I saw the position of Training Specialist advertised, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to utilize my training skills and to try a new challenge in a completely different environment that was not specifically based in libraries, but still within the sector.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy being able to be creative and to continuously learn. I find that the role really challenges me and there is never a dull moment! I can always find something to keep me busy, improve on or develop. I also enjoy learning about new products, resources, processes and to pass my knowledge on to others. Another favorite part of my job is interacting with EBSCO colleagues and other teams.

What are some of the most common questions you receive as a library trainer?

It varies quite a lot. Thinking about the most common, that would have to be how to manage content and linking in EBSCO Discovery Service, followed by questions relating to advanced search strategies. The other common question would be how to find local content.

What do you see your job looking like in the future?

I see my role as being more consultative, working with customers both internal and external to achieve desired outcomes and continuing to support customers through customized and public online training sessions. I also see myself continuing to develop and support EBSCO’s eLearning platform with on-demand training content to enhance self-sufficiency and onboarding for customers. This can ensure they are onboard with the new and improved changes that EBSCO is making to all our products and services.

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